Houston Cyclists To Drivers: Stop Parking In Bike Lanes

Bike advocates say the city needs a specific ordinance that addresses parking in an on-street bikeway.

By Gail DelaughterFebruary 10, 2020 10:00 am, , ,

From Houston Public Media:

In response to a recent story about the City of Austin cracking down on drivers who park in bike lanes, listeners and readers started sending in pictures of violations they’ve seen on Houston city streets. We decided to follow up locally to see what Houston is doing to keep cars and trucks out of the bike lanes. Navigate through the slideshow above and the story below to see some of the photos we received from local cyclists.

Wilson Calvert loves to ride Houston’s bike lanes.

A Midtown resident, Calvert says he frequently uses the new bike lane on Gray Street, and that he can get to downtown destinations a lot quicker than he can in a car.

But other times his smooth trip comes to a grinding halt.

“I have been blocked by just about everything you can imagine in the bike lane,” Calvert said.

And not just passenger vehicles. That includes police cars, and even forklifts.


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