Houston Symphony Strives for Diversity in A Majority White, Low-Turnover Industry

Major orchestras in America have mostly white musicians, according an industry-wide study. We take a look at how the Symphony is trying to redirect a pattern set by barriers within the industry.

By Allison LeeSeptember 26, 2018 9:30 am, , , ,

From Houston Public Media:

Houston is the most ethnically and racially diverse large metro area in the country. But, while you might see that reflected where you work or go to school, there’s one prominent place in Houston where you won’t see it: the symphony.

The Houston Symphony is similar to a lot of other symphonies, in terms of ethnic make-up. An industry-wide study said major U.S. orchestras have mostly white musicians, at more than 85 percent. Asian/Pacific Islander musicians represented just over nine percent. Hispanic musicians made up less than three percent. African-American musicians were at less than two percent.

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