How 47 Rolls of Duct Tape Gave This Houston Native Money For College, And A Chance To Showcase Her Culture

Larissa Leon says she was surprised by how much duct tape she needed to make her creation.

August 19, 2021 12:55 pm,

“I [wanted] something really big and something really colorful and something that was not only just a typical dress, something that was more a part of me. [The dress] is black and on top is colorful ribbons, along with a bunch of colorful flowers, and it’s based on a [traditional dress from Mexico] Chiapas-style dress.”

“My favorite comments that I have seen [on social media] are people, especially people from the Latin community, saying, ‘Thank you for showcasing our culture in such a beautiful and unique way.’ I feel like those hit to home, because I did this, not only to win the scholarship, but to showcase the beauty of my culture.”

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