How A Pair Of ‘Hairy’ Boots Met Their Demise

Hint: it involved a razor and shaving cream.

By Joy DiazJanuary 31, 2019 1:21 pm, ,

The right pair of cowboy boots can be among a Texan’s most prized possessions. That’s the idea behind our ongoing series “From Heel to Toe” in which folks tell us a story about their own boots.

But let’s face it, Texas is a big place, and boots can mean different things to different people depending on where they live in the Lone Star State. That’s the idea behind today’s boot story.

Karen lives in Abilene, but she says she and her family used to travel to a relative’s ranch in the summer. She calls them her “country cousins.” One of her cousins had a special pair of pristine suede boots that Karen’s 4-year-old little brother thought were a little too “hairy.”

“He marched right to the bathroom … he took them into the bathroom where there was a razor, and he put some shaving cream on the suede boots and started shaving the boots with the razor,” Karen says.

Listen to the full story in the player above.

Written by Caroline Covington.