How Two Friends Turned Their Love Of Scary Stories Into A ‘Castle Of Horror’

The sounds of Texas.

By Joy Diaz & Shelly BrisbinOctober 26, 2020 12:54 pm, ,

Perhaps it was inevitable that Jason Henderson and In Churl Yo would publish horror stories. As friends growing up in Killeen, Texas, they told each other stories, turning them scary no matter how basic or seemingly normal they were. A few years ago, they started Castle of Horror,” a podcast focusing on classic scary movies. They’re now co-publishers at Castlebridge Media, which publish anthologies of horror stories that remind them of the kind once found in paperback collections at used bookstores.

“I would start a story that, there’s no way you can turn this into a horror story, or have a bad or scary ending.” –  In Churl Yo

“It is based at a fictional Central Texas summer camp, but it is inspired by a real camp that I worked at back in the mid-’90s as a camp counselor. Like many summer camps, it had its resident story about the bad guy that was there, or something that was out in the woods that was going to get you. So that was the inspiration for it.” – Drew Wolle, author of “At Last Count”

“Castle Anthology [Volume] 4 is called ‘Women Running from Houses. … It’s kind of a theme now – old Victorian Gothic horror novels back in the ’70s and the ’80s always featured a woman on the cover, running from a house. So we are kind of taking that idea and asking writers to submit their own.” 

– In Churl Yo and Jason Henderson

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