Hundreds Of Migrants From Honduras Planning To Soon Cross From Guatemala Into Mexico

A Reuters correspondent says international media attention from other recent caravans has motivated new, hopeful migrants to make the trip.

By Rhonda Fanning & Jill AmentOctober 19, 2018 12:38 pm

An estimated 4,000 migrants from Guatemala and Honduras have reached the border between Guatemala and Mexico, and Mexican police have been dispatched to the area to keep them from entering. This comes amid recent threats from President Donald Trump to send troops to the southern U.S. border and to cut off aid to Central American countries.

Delphine Schrank, chief correspondent in Mexico and Central America for Reuters, is currently in Tapachula in the border state of Chiapas, Mexico, covering the migrant caravan.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– What the migrant caravan is currently experiencing at the Guatemala-Mexico border

– How the caravan has been affected by politics in Mexico and the U.S.

– What is driving migrants to make the journey northward


Written by Acacia Coronado.