John Cornyn’s Border Security Bill: Let’s Plan More Before We Build The Wall

The Texas senator’s $15 billion proposal includes more agents on the border, more technology in the sky, and funding cuts for “sanctuary cities.”

By Jill AmentAugust 4, 2017 10:45 am,

On Thursday, Texas Sen. John Cornyn outlined a border security proposal. Unlike President Donald Trump’s signature proposal, Cornyn’s plan does not focus on building a new border wall that would fence off the entire Texas-Mexico boundary. Instead, he wants to develop a comprehensive plan, that would likely entail adding border patrol agents and using technology to find and apprehend immigrants as they cross the border.

Tom Benning, a Washington-based reporter for the Dallas Morning News, says Cornyn has long been skeptical of relying on the kind of wall advocated by the president as a primary tool for border security.

“Senator Cornyn is saying ‘let’s step back and come up with a plan for a multi-faceted approach to border security, before we start tossing dollars at things,’” Benning says.

Cornyn’s bill comes with a $15 billion price tag. Benning says Cornyn hasn’t been specific about where the funds would come from.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Austin) unveiled his own border security proposal last week. Benning says it has similarities to Cornyn’s plan.

A big difference, Benning says, is that Cornyn’s bill goes after so-called “sanctuary cities” where local law enforcement has refused to hold prisoners wanted by Immigration and Customs authorities. Cornyn wants to withhold federal funds from such communities, even if the money supports programs unrelated to border security or law enforcement.

Benning says that Cornyn and McCaul’s senior roles in Congress give their bills a greater chance of serious consideration


Written by Shelly Brisbin.