Kansas City Couldn’t Have Won The Super Bowl Without East Texan Patrick Mahomes

Fans were “hungry” for a victory, since the franchise hadn’t won a Super Bowl in 50 years.

By Michael MarksFebruary 3, 2020 2:04 pm,

Even though neither Texas NFL team made it to the Super Bowl this year, Texans can still try to take credit, at least in some small way, for the Kansas City Chief’s victory Sunday night. After all, the Chiefs used to be the Dallas Texans – a team founded in 1960 that left Texas three seasons later.

If that’s not enough of a Texas connection, perhaps knowing that Chiefs’ superstar quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is an East Texas native will be enough to satisfy fans in the Lone Star State until next season.

But there’s more to Sunday night’s game than origin stories and bragging nights.

Daron Roberts is the founding director of the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation at the University of Texas at Austin. He says Kansas City fans were “hungry” for a win; the franchise hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 50 years.

“Arrowhead is one of the loudest stadium in the league,” Roberts says. “You can feel the electricity in the stadium, and this fan base has been wanting to get that Lombardi Trophy for awhile now.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– How it took awhile for Mahomes to reach his stride on Sunday

– Why the Super Bowl is a different kind of game than regular-season or playoff matchups

– Why Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid was another standout figure on Sunday

– How rapper and businessman Jay-Z’s presence at the game was a reminder of the political controversy involving the NFL


Written by Caroline Covington.