Kay Bailey Hutchison Loves Her Rocky Carroll Cowboy Boots

The U.S. ambassador to NATO talks about her boots made by the late Houstonian boot-maker.

By Joy DiazApril 26, 2019 2:38 pm, ,

We’ve been asking Texans to talk about their favorite boots. NATO Ambassador and former United States Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison owns several pairs, all made by her good friend and prominent boot maker Rocky Carroll.

“He loved having his boots shown everywhere, so I carried a pair here, and I have some at home,” Hutchison says.  “I wouldn’t be without them.”

Each pair of Hutchison’s boots are emblazoned with unique designs, such as the state of Texas, a Texas longhorn and a Senate seal. Her special Texas shoes were the perfect accessory for a special Texas party.

“I had the best party,” Hutchison says. “It was a Texas party for all of the foreign ambassadors, and we did Texas line dancing, and people say it’s the best party they’ve ever had in Brussels.”

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Written by Sara Schleede.