Leather To Last A Lifetime

Odin Clack got into hand-made, premium leather goods because he’s been restless and creative with his hands since he was a kid in Galveston, drawing and building stuff. Clack has a marketing degree from Texas A&M and has worked as a director of digital global marketing for Texas firms. Five years ago, he visited a Tandy Leather shop on a whim and came out with a starter kit. Now, will Odin Leather Goods – that little leathercrafting business he started in his garage – really take off?

By Jerome WeeksFebruary 28, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From KERA:

The lines of leather products you find on Odin Leather Goods’website are not super-chic or duded-up country-western. But they’re all sharp, solidly-designed, hand-made leather products: wallets, tote bags, belts, portfolios. It’s a good-looking site with good-looking gear.

So I went to check out the storefront, tour the workshop, possibly see some of the art of leatherworking in action.

And I found myself in the backyard of a typical, two-story suburban home in Coppell.

“Let’s step into the workshop,” Odin Clack says and opens the door to his garage. “This is Odin Leather Goods.”

Indeed it is. And it’s all of it. No, Odin doesn’t really have a good explanation why his parents named him Odin – you know, Sir Anthony Hopkins, father of Thor.

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