Legislature Looks To Ax Driver Responsibility Program – And Just Might, This Time Around

The bill would scrap the current $7 vehicle inspection fee, adding that amount to the current cost of vehicle registration, raising some $145 million to replace the money the state currently collects from DRP.

By Scott MorganFebruary 20, 2019 10:03 am, , , ,

From KETR:

State Sen. Bob Hall says Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program was well-intentioned once. But it took the same path as most good intentions on its way to crippling the state’s low-income drivers.

The basics of the state’s Driver Responsibility Program, or DRP, are straightforward enough. When a driver gets a ticket, for anything, Texas adds a surcharge to the fine and uses that money to pay for mainly rural trauma care that otherwise couldn’t be paid for.

The problem is, DRP nets Texas about $145 million a year – almost half the overall cost of uncompensated trauma care in the state – at the expense of low-income drivers.

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