Mavericks vs Rockets Matchup

It won’t be an easy game to put your bets on.

By Andy UhlerApril 17, 2015 7:30 pm

Jenny Dial Creech, sports writer for the Houston Chronicle, believes that though the Rockets have James Harden, NBA’s 2015 MVP candidate, and that “Dwight Howard looks like Dwight Howard again”, the Mavericks prove to be tough opponents.

“The Mavericks have a great center. Seven-foot-one Tyson Chandler. He doesn’t make it easy down there in the post so they need Dwight Howard at full speed and playing at a hundred percent in order keep [the Rockets] in check,” Dial Creech said.

Though she is on the fence about who will will the game tomorrow, Dial Creech thinks at the end of the day, the Spurs will emerge winners of the Southwest division.

“I think you can’t go against the defending champions right now. They are just playing at a high level,” she said.

More notably, this year’s division will put Texas further on the map.

“There’s always a really healthy Houston vs Dallas rivalry. I think it’ll be great for the state. I think there’ll be a lot of attention. And more importantly, I think it’ll be really good basketball,” she said.