Meet the Kid Competing to be the Next Great Barbecue Chef

Twelve-year-old Austinite Carter Hull is a contestant on the new Food Network show Kids BBQ Championship.

By Joy DiazMay 23, 2016 10:57 am

Tonight on the Food Network, a 12-year-old Texan will compete against seven others to be the top barbecue chef in the country.

Admittedly, the age class here is kids chefs – but still, being one of the top grill masters in the country is quite an accomplishment for Carter Hull, who hails from Austin. He says he’s been cooking ever since he can remember and has long had dreams of being a chef. It’s not just barbecue either; he’s dabbled in a variety of foods.

“I built up my skills first, I went into baking,” Hull says. “Then, when I couldn’t really decorate much I decided, ‘Lets try something new.’ Then I went into barbecuing and grilling.”

Hull says he likes to cook entire meals for his family – when his schedule allows it.

“I would say on the weekends, I would prefer to do brisket,” he says. “On school nights, it’s pretty hard to do brisket, but in the summer and on the weekends I’m definitely one to do a brisket.”

His advice to aspiring barbecue pit masters?

“The secret to barbecue is just do what you’re comfortable with – it’s just basically: be you, but a piece of meat.”

Prepared for web by Alexandra Hart.