Meet the Texan Looking For a One-Way Ticket to Mars

A Corpus Christi woman is one of 100 finalists for the Mars One mission.

By David Brown February 20, 2015 10:18 am,

For many Americans, a vacation might mean going to the beach or, perhaps, to a swanky hotel in a big city but – for one Texan – that trip might be to Mars. And there’s a catch: the trip will be one way.

Shirelle Webb is a student and emergency medical technician from Corpus Christi. She’s one of the finalists for Mars One, a mission which seeks to send the first people to establish a colony on the red planet.

“This is a chance to be extraordinary,” Webb says.

The 22 year-old currently attends Del Mar College where she is completing paramedic training. Webb hopes to one day become a doctor but has yet to settle on exactly what career path to take.

“I’m trying to keep my options open and become more of a valuable asset for the Mars One program,” Webb says.

Whatever she decides, she’ll have plenty of time. Mars One isn’t set to launch until 2024. In the meantime, the program has filtered through nearly 200,000 applications, coming down to just under 100. Webb optimistically looks forward to the opportunity to go on the one-way trip.

“I think  life is so much more than everyday things,” Webb says. “This is the most amazing adventure anyone can ask for.”

Mars One plans to continue narrowing applications until a final 24 have been selected by the end of 2015.

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