Move Aside Silicon Valley – Texas May Be The New Tech Capitol

Technology CEO and Entrepreneur Joel Trammell knows the secret behind Texas tech companies’ success. 

By Alain StephensFebruary 22, 2015 8:57 pm

When you think of the technology capitol of the U.S you’d probably be quick to rattle off California, or possibly New York – but what about Texas?

It’s an idea that technology CEO and entrepreneur Joel Trammell has been trying to wedge into the dialogue of more Americans. “If Texas continues to win this battle of the best and brightest, at some point California will have to react,” Trammell says.

Trammell argues that Texas’s success comes from a variety of factors, from a quality work force to Texas’ tendency to eliminate red-tape.”It makes things easier and quicker than anywhere else in the country,” Trammell says. He thinks there is another factor that might be added to the mix. “It’s mainly the can-do business attitude that permeates Texas,” Trammell says.

Trammell believes that no technology company is a sure thing, there will always be a certain risk of failure when it comes to launching a business, Texas has minimized that risk. “If Texas were a stock – I’d bet on Texas,” he says.