My Brother-In-Law’s Kidnapping Was Blamed On A Mexican Cartel. Now My Nephew’s Friend Is Missing.

The Whole Truth about a secret death in Mexico.

By Joy DiazMarch 28, 2017 7:24 am,

In Mexico, a woman’s brother in law was working in his warehouse when men in ski masks came in and grabbed him.

“They covered his eyes and his mouth with tape and drove him around for a while, he doesn’t know where they took him,” she says. “They wanted $40,000. They called my sister and told her that they were one of the cartels. My sister called her brother-in-law at that time that was working in city hall.”

Her brother-in-law contacted the so-called cartel and asked about his brother. The cartel informed him that they hadn’t kidnapped anyone that day – which made them curious to know who was using their name.

“They were very angry about someone using their name to kidnap somebody,” she says. “My sister got the money and members of the cartel went with her.”

After members of the cartel and her sister gathered the money and went to pick up their brother, he was saved.

But someone still had to pay for their crimes. Someone with a connection to the family would lose their life that day.

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