Japanese Dollar Stores Are Popping Up in Texas By the Dozens

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By Alain StephensAugust 3, 2015 11:21 am

The Japanese are invading Texas – or to be more precise, a Japanese business is moving into dollar-store territory in shopping malls and street corners.

The first of many Daiso stores opened in Carrollton, Texas this weekend. More of the stores – nine more in the Dallas area and 10 more in the Houston area, are slated to open within the next few months.

What exactly is a Daiso store? It’s what you might think of as a dollar store, Japanese style. But Maria Halkias, reporter for the Dallas Morning News, says the traditional Texas dollar store model doesn’t quite convey the appeal. She tells the Standard the Daiso store is basically one part Target and one part Container Store, with a decent dose of Japanese flair.

Listen to the interview in the audio player above.