No More Kickoffs?

Safety concerns has high school coaches and college sports administrators looking at changing the way we start a football game.

By Michael Marks & Alexandra HartSeptember 13, 2016 12:11 pm

For decades, high school football games have started the same way. The national anthem plays, then there’s a coin flip, then a kickoff. But change may be afoot.

Kickoffs are one of the most dangerous parts of an inherently dangerous game. Pop Warner, the nation’s largest youth football organization, decided this year to end kickoffs for players up to age 10.

College coaches have discussed eliminating kickoffs and with football season well underway, murmurs about doing the same for high schoolers have resurfaced.

Matt Wixon, Dallas Morning News reporter, says kickoffs are unique in that the players are going full speed and aimed directly at one another.

“They’re great athletes and they move pretty fast,” he says. “And then the collisions take place.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– Why has high school football hasn’t yet eliminated kickoffs

– What other options can start off the game and why they might be yawn-worthy

– The reasoning behind keeping kickoffs for those who oppose their elimination

Post by Nadia Hamdan.