North Texas Music Collective Calls Itself A ‘Swiss Army Knife Of Music’

The Texas Gentlemen are touring musicians and studio players who sometimes make music together.

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By Leah ScarpelliSeptember 15, 2017 4:49 pm,

Honest sounds and funky grooves: that’s the Texas Gentlemen, a collective of studio and touring musicians who love and cherish classic American music.

Band member Beau Bedford calls the group “a Swiss Army knife of music.”

Among the group’s more interesting song titles is a track called “Habbie Doobie.”

“We were starting to open shows with this song all the time…one day, [two band members] just started calling it ‘Habbie Dooby’. Then we started putting the phrase [in the song,]” Bedford says.

“It’s just something that’s super fun, we don’t have any deeper meaning behind it. It’s just a great name for a blues funk track.”

Many members of the crew hail from Dallas, and cite the importance of musical hotbeds like Denton and Fort Worth, as well.

“Dallas is such a unique place [because] you have people who do not care about becoming rich and famous,” Bedford says. “What they care about doing is writing sincere, honest and earnest music.”


Written by Rachel Zein.