On His Trip Around the World, A Dutch Cyclist Bikes Through Texas

His favorite part so far? The food.

By Joy DiazSeptember 28, 2016 12:09 pm,

Riding on his message of inspiration and hope, Rick Creemers, 22, is from Utrect, Netherlands. He set out in September last year to achieve his goal of traversing all six continents by bike.

“I had a dream for 16 years and the dream actually was to cycle around the world,” Creemers says.

Now 24, Creemers – or, as many know him, the Cycling Dutchman – is passing through Dallas on his way south towards Antarctica. His goal is to become the first and youngest solo Dutch person to go around the world by bike. His favorite thing about Texas, he says, is the food.

“The food is extremely good, if you ask me: like hamburgers, steaks, whatever,” Creemers says. “It’s really up my alley… Everyone here loves to go outdoors, hunt, stay in a cabin somewhere, hike – that’s an attitude that fits precisely in my attitude. It’s just a perfect match.”

Creemers says after his trip, he’ll definitely be back to the Lone Star State.

Post by George Economos.