One Denton Church Mobilizes When Even Small Storms Roll Through

Volunteers from Denton Bible Church helped clear trees from homeowner’s yard after an EF-1 tornado struck recently.

By Courtney CollinsMay 15, 2019 2:06 pm, , ,

From KERA:

Strong tornadoes and major floods often produce nonstop news coverage and an outpouring of charitable giving. It’s the small storms, though, that tend to come and go without much notice.

That’s when Denton Bible Church steps in.

Two weeks post-tornado in Denton, Taylor Moran’s front yard is looking good except for the toddler’s swing resting on the ground, and the giant stump that used to be the tall tree where that swing lived.

“The wind was so loud, we didn’t hear any of it,” Moran says.

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 tornado hit Denton on April 30. Moran says the house where she lives with her husband and 16-month-old, Hudson, was OK; they only lost an outside shutter. Other yards on her street didn’t fare so well.

“Looked out this window and we could see the trees on the house, and then we looked in the backyard: trees down,” she says. “We could see our neighbors’ fence was down; their shed was up in a tree. Across the road, this fence across here was gone.”

The next day, Moran was facing a yard full of fallen trees. But that didn’t last long.

“I took Hudson to day care, and I came back and there was someone knocking on my door, and it was Wayne, and he said, ‘Do you need help?’ And I said, ‘Sure.’ My husband was at work and I [didn’t] know when we were going to get to it,” Moran says. “My husband works six days a week.”

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