One Texas ‘Smart Gal’ Shares Her Best Tips For The ‘Tennis Game’ Of Divorce

“Seek wise counsel, become well informed, and put on courage.”

By Joy DiazMay 29, 2018 2:37 pm,

Sara A. is the author of the book, “Smart Gal’s Guide thru Divorce: What Lawyers Don’t Tell You.”

Sara has a name for the overwhelming legal process – she calls it “divorce dizziness.” Part of that journey is the “tennis game of divorce,” the continuous back-and-forth of paperwork.

“The more that paperwork goes back and forth, those billable hours add up,” she says. “Write out your list of priorities. Keep them to yourself. Share them with your private family law attorney. We go to the mediation table and release what we can to come to that agreement.”

She says divorce is highly complex, and it’s important to “put on courage.”

“Courage is moving forward step by step,” she says. “Seek wise counsel, become well informed, and put on courage. And know that there’s new life ahead.”

Written by Jen Rice.