Parker Posey’s New Memoir Describes Indie Film’s Transformation

“There’s less risk, I think she would say, in American film.”

By Joy DiazJuly 27, 2018 12:34 pm,

The Texas classic “Dazed and Confused” helped launch Parker Posey’s film career back in 1993 – and now the darling of ‘90s indie film has published a memoir about her time in the industry. Titled “You’re on an Airplane,” the book’s conceit is that you’re on a flight next to Posey – and she’s dishing up everything you’d tell a stranger you’ll likely never see again.

Clay Smith, Austin-based editor-in-chief of Kirkus Reviews, recently interviewed Posey for the magazine. He discusses her humorous writing about being a young actress, the #MeToo movement, and how the indie film scene has changed.

Smith describes how she’s characterized the indie film scene of 25 years ago as having “a devil-may-care attitude – a freewheeling, ‘I’m going to make this and cost be damned’ [attitude.] And there’s less risk [now], I think she would say, in American film.”

In person, Smith found her utterly charming: “With Parker Posey you always feel like she’s just thrilled to be invited to the party, and there’s something so wonderful about that.”