Planned Parenthood Of South Texas Sues To Reinstate Abortion Access

By Joey PalaciosMarch 27, 2020 2:05 pm, , , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

Texas’ ban on elective abortions amid the COVID-19 pandemic is now facing a lawsuit from Planned Parenthood and several reproductive rights agencies. The suit is in response to Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent executive order prohibiting elective surgeries to preserve personal protection equipment.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote an opinion on Monday saying the elective surgery ban applies to abortions. The emergency federal lawsuit filed on Wednesday is asking that abortions be allowed to continue. San Antonio-based Planned Parenthood South Texas is listed as plaintiff. It’s CEO Jeffrey Hons says abortions were put on pause.

“We had patients who burst into tears, we had patients who became very angry, and every day that passes by there are more women who thought they were going to be able to determine their reproductive destiny being told they are no longer in charge of their bodies,” Hons says.

Planned Parenthood argues there are abortion methods like pills that do not need the equipment and that abortion is essential health care.