Ready, Set, Mow: Hill Country Lawn Mower Racers Take Commitment To A New Level

“For a hobby it is very serious. It can get expensive, but you can get into it cheap.”

By Jimmy MaasApril 25, 2017 9:30 am, , ,

From KUT

The Circuit of the Americas racetrack has raised Austin’s profile as an international destination for top-tier racing.

This story is not about that kind of racing.

Every April for the last few years, the Lone Star Mower Racing Association comes to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. This competition of souped up John Deere’s in the Texas hill country is the brainchild of retired mower racer Dennis Drake.

He organized it to raise money to help fight cancer locally and to honor Mike Cupps, a fellow racer who passed away in 2009. Last Saturday, racers from all over the state – and even Arkansas – went full throttle to see who’s the best.

But, this year, it wasn’t all about winning for Mike “Mickee” Scholl – who runs Fixed By Mike, a small engine repair shop in Round Rock – this year is different for two reasons. For one, he had an accident last year, which he shrugs off with an infectious laugh that makes it almost seem funny.

“Last year, in April at this track, I fractured my neck rolling my mower out of turn four,” said Scholl, laughing as he recounts the race.

“It’s on YouTube!” interjected Alexis Marsh.w

“It’s on YouTube. It looks like somebody stuck a spatula underneath me and the mower and we just went pfft!” Scholl continued.

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