S U R V I V E’s ‘Stranger Things’ Spotlight Shines on Austin’s Synthesizer Scene

S U R V I V E is part of a growing subculture in Austin-oriented around creating music with vintage analog synthesizers.

By Nathan BernierOctober 3, 2016 9:30 am, , ,

From KUT

The hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” is a supernatural thriller set in the 1980s peppered with nostalgic pop culture references and scored with a synth-heavy soundtrack by the Austin band Survive.

The runaway success of the series and its music have catapulted Survive into the limelight. By their estimation, they’ve done about a hundred interviews in the past few months. They’ve already been written about in the New York Times, Rolling Stone,Billboard and a bunch of influential music blogs. (You can check out a longer KUT interview here.)

Survive member Kyle Dixon says after grinding through multiple tours since they formed in 2008, they’re about to travel the country as the headlining act.

“We’ve sold out most of the major cities, which is obviously something that probably wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t had the show [Stranger Things],” Dixon says.

Some of that attention is rubbing off on the friends they play music with. Like at a Cheer Up Charlie’s show when member Michael Stein was performing with a friend’s band, and Dixon saw a woman shooting video with her phone.

“And like saying, ‘Stranger Things! The Upside Down! This is awesome!’ which is hilarious. It’s great. I’m like ‘Cool, If our buddies can get some shine off of it, then great.’”

Survive member Adam Jones, who runs the label Holodeck, says other band around town are seeing a residual boost in fandom, as well.

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