San Antonio Students Jam With The Pros At Olmos Pharmacy

“It was kind of a good opportunity for me to learn how to face my fears and play in front of the public.”

By Jack MorganFebruary 13, 2017 9:30 am, , ,

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From Texas Public Radio

At the renovated Olmos Pharmacy waitresses serve up burgers and shakes, while the crowd settles in for an eclectic mix of live music and a chance for members of the public to play with local pros.

Classical music jams hosted by the Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony are a “grassroots version” of a San Antonio Symphony performance, says cellist Ryan Murphy.

“Instead of attracting big donors and putting on big concerts we try more to reach the community on an individual and smaller-scale way,” Murphy says.

“We decided we would come up with a small group of musicians and basically invite the public to come out and jam with us,” says San Antonio Symphony violinist and music teacher Aimee Lopez.

There’s no stage here.  A dozen or so musicians gather with music stands in a semi-circle at floor level, in front of the huge west window facing McCullough at Hildebrand. It’s not a jam in the sense of being entirely spontaneous. Musicians don’t know in advance which songs are coming their way, but sheet music helps to guide them while playing.

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