Summer Reading List: Different Kinds of Love

There’s something for everyone to pick up at the bookstore.

By Sebastian VegaJune 12, 2015 11:18 am

Got big summer vacation plans? Well even if you want to stay home and relax this summer, you might need a couple books to keep you entertained. Clay Smith, Editor-in-Chief for Kirkus Reviews stopped by the Texas Standard to talk about his recommendations for your summer reading list.

The Rocks by Peter Nichols (Fiction)

“It’s set on the island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain, and it’s about two elderly people who are divorced — had a really nasty breakup 50 years ago. They both remain on this island and have managed for 50 years to avoid each other until the day, on page 8, of this novel. They run into each other, and they have a massive fight that ends with both of them falling off the edge of a cliff and dying in the sea. The novel is told in reverse, and it’s a lot of fun to figure out why they hate each other so much. It’s touching but it’s also quite funny.”

Modern Romance: An Investigation Aziz Ansari, Eric Klinenberg (Non-Fiction)

Yeah, that Aziz Ansari, the comedian and star of “Parks and Recreation.” Apparently he’s teamed up with established sociologist, Eric Klinenberg.

“He investigates how people date in all different kinds of cultures. And he involves a respected sociologist named Eric Klinenberg. It’s actually quite serious, but really fun.”

More Happy Than Not – Adam Silvera (Young Adult)

“Adam grew up as a gay latino in the Bronx, maybe not-so-surprisingly the protagonist is a young, gay latino in the Bronx, who has a girlfriend – and starts falling for a guy from another project. That situation is so confusing to him, that there’s this institute called the ‘Leteo Institute’ where you can pay them to help you forget painful memories…it’s touching, and it’s also a real page turner.”