How Did Last Night’s Debate Play Out Around Texas?

What did Texans from around the state take away from Monday’s face-off?

By Texas StandardSeptember 27, 2016 12:15 pm

Nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met onstage for their first presidential debate last night. To help us sift through the aftermath of our debate hangover, we spoke to three politics wonks from around the state: Stewart Doreen, of the Midland Reporter-Telegram; Carlos Sanchez, of McAllen Monitor; and Allison Pollan, of Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Stewart Doreen on Trump’s support in Midland:

“In Midland, they tend to vote 75 to 80 percent Republican, and I’m not sure Trump is going to hit that standard. … It is going to be hard for Trump to get that conservative enthusiasm. Last night was missed opportunity after missed opportunity for Trump.”

Carlos Sanchez on nominees appealing to their voter base:

“The debate clearly defined positions: Clinton took a very intellectual position and Trump appealed to the emotions. Voters who are angry because of the economy and other factors are going to like that emotional appeal, rather than the intellectual argument.

“While there might be some suggestion that Trump lost it, both candidates appealed to their base. The real challenge was the undecided voters. If we can frame it in terms of economic issues, then I think that gives Trump an opportunity.”

Allison Pollan on Trump’s standing in east Texas:

“As conservative as east Texas is, I think Donald Trump still has an uphill battle to win over voters here, and I’m not sure that last night changed a lot of minds. … East Texas is very concerned with economic issues. We’re still an oil town and we’re listening to issues such as oil and gas exploration, the EPA’s clean power plan and any hint of a carbon tax.”

Post by John Flynn.