Telling Tales With Just The Right Boots, A Vest, A Glorious Gown

Giva Taylor’s costume design work has appeared off-off-Broadway, on Broadway, in California but mostly in Dallas, and the list of area theaters is long, beginning with the Undermain, where she’s a company member, continuing with Lyric Stage and Kitchen Dog. Her influence grows longer still with the many theaters her SMU students have designed for. With Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters,’ Taylor returns to her home turf with the Undermain – after more than nearly two years away, battling a deadly illness.

By Jerome WeeksFebruary 12, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From KERA:

Whether we knew it or not, for the past thirty years, Giva Taylor has shaped much of what we’ve seen on area stages – probably more than anyone else. So for Taylor’s newest show — ‘Three Sisters’ at the Undermain Theatre — the Artist Spotlight visited a rehearsal and costume fitting.

It was only fitting. ‘Three Sisters’ may be Taylor’s last show as a costume designer.

It looks as though the Russian Army has camped out in the Undermain Theatre’s basement space. Military hats and leather boots are in piles. The walls are lined with racks and racks of old-fashioned shawls, blouses and army coats. With the cafe counter, wine bar, the chairs and actors’ belongings everywhere, there’s barely room to stand, let alone squeeze by.

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