Texas Cases at the Supreme Court: Two Down, One to Go

This week in Texas politics with the editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune.

By Rhonda FanningJune 24, 2016 3:07 pm,

It’s time for the week in Texas politics so let’s loop back around with Emily Ramshaw, editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune.

Two Supreme Court cases involving Texas have come to a resolution – a 4-3 ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas in favor of the university to use race in accepting students to UT.

“It seems to lay to rest this fight over affirmative action that’s been going on for years,” Ramshaw says.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– Why the 4-4 split in United States v. Texas affects Obama’s legacy

– The one Supreme Court case still pending for Texas, HB 2, slated to be announced on Monday

– What happened with Texas Reps during the Democratic sit-in related to gun control