Texas Delegates Rally at the Republican National Convention

From their snazzy get-ups and matching cowboy hats to the impromptu singalong of “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” the Lone Star delegates are making themselves seen and heard in Cleveland.

By Rhonda FanningJuly 20, 2016 11:01 am

It’s official: we can lose the word “presumptive” before Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. While Texas went for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the primary, the state still sent dozens of delegates toward the final count to give Trump the nomination.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick spoke for the state’s Republican voters: “I am proud to record our vote… for our dear friend, a great conservative, our favorite son who we love – Ted Cruz, 104 votes. And for our new friend, our latest adopted favorite son… the next President of the United States – Donald Trump, 48 votes.”

Delegates broke into “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”Lauren McGaughy, political reporter for the Dallas Morning News, is in Cleveland keeping a close eye on the Texas delegation from the Convention floor.

Dan Patrick, McGaughy says, was one of the top Cruz supporters in the country leading up to the convention.

“But he’s really been whipping up support here, behind the scenes, for Donald Trump,” she says, “making the case that he might not have been your first choice as Texans but he’s the only choice when compared to Hillary Clinton.”

A San Antonio contingent was a vocal part of the Never Trump movement at the convention, but many delegates see Clinton as the greater threat. “The message that people are trying to get across is that you can’t vote for Donald Trump or not vote at all,” she says. “You must vote because if you don’t, then it’s pretty much a vote for the other party.”

Texans like Attorney General Ken Paxton have spoken to the Texas delegation, McGaughy says, in addition to prominent conservatives like former UN ambassador John Bolton, have made time to speak to the Texas delegation at the convention because it’s among the largest attending the convention. Many of the Texas delegates wore matching Lone Star shirts and cowboy hats on the first day of the convention. “Some have worn them everyday,” McGaughy says. “A lot of people are trying to wear their cowboy hats every day… Texas definitely does have some of the snazziest outfits of any of the delegations here at the Republican convention.”

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Post by Hannah McBride.