Texas Dems’ pick to lead House caucus could mean more confrontation next session

House Democrats are tapping veteran lawmaker Trey Martinez Fischer to lead them in the lower chamber.

By Wells DunbarDecember 9, 2022 1:33 pm, ,

The Texas Legislature convenes its 88th biennial session on January 10 – and when they do, House Democrats will have a new leader.

“Trey Martinez Fischer is one of the most really belligerent, aggressive lawmakers in the Democratic caucus,” says Texas Tribune political reporter James Barragán. “So this kind of signals maybe a different strategy for the House Democratic Caucus, which is in the minority.”

Owing to his time in the Texas Legislature, where he as first elected in 2001, Barragán notes “Martinez Fisher is also a legislative whiz. He knows all the tricks of the trade in terms of how to kill a bill or slow down its progress. So new leadership for them – we’ll see how that affects the session.”

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