Texas ‘Constitutional Carry’ Gun Bill Gets House Hearing

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By Becky FogelMarch 29, 2017 11:42 am

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There’s another effort at the state capitol to allow Texas residents to carry handguns without a license. The bill is from State Representative Jonathan Stickland, a Bedford Republican.

He testified before the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee Tuesday about House Bill 375, dubbed the Constitutional Carry Act of 2017.

“I have filed only four bills this session. Fewer than any other representative in that state,” Stickland said. “This is because House Bill 375 deserves that much attention and effort. I have faced the voters of my district numerous times and I have promised to do everything within my power to see their second amendment rights restored, respected, and protected with this piece of legislation.”

Larry Arnold of the Texas Concealed Handgun Association says this legislation would make carrying a handgun more affordable.

“The training courses are typically about $100 – the license fee is about $140, so right there I saved $240, which would make it a lot easier for people who don’t have a lot of income,” he says. 

State Representative Stickland has previously filed similar legislation.

Former First Lady Laura Bush talked about the role of first ladies in the United States and around the world in Dallas yesterday. Bush said usually, first ladies aren’t taken too seriously for their contributions.  

“I remember when Lady Bird Johnson with her Highway Beautification Act which Lyndon Johnson got through the Senate, and everyone said oh isn’t that sweet, the first lady likes flowers,” Bush said. “But in fact, she was really beginning of an environmental movement, the whole movement of using native plants in the environment.” 

The event at the George W. Bush Presidential Center was tied to the release of a report about first ladies. The report finds that first ladies worldwide are expanding their roles, wielding more influence, and navigating gender politics that judges them differently than their husbands.

Cherie Blair – who shared the stage with Bush – said when it comes to gender equality, men should be equally willing to make sacrifices to support their wives.

“The question becomes are you prepared one day to say ‘Okay, I’ll take a step back in my career so that my wife can shine in a way that’s always been expected of women,’” Blair said. 

Blair is a lawyer and is married to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was a close ally to President Bush

Severe weather across Texas yesterday and through last night left over 200-thousand people without power – mainly in North Texas.

In West Texas, there were reports that more than 10 tornadoes touched down but none hit populated areas – resulting in little damage. However, there were three fatalities.

About 50 miles south of Lubbock, three storm chasers died when their vehicles crashed at a rural intersection.

The National Weather Service reports that today, isolated tornadoes and hail could hit the Houston area.