Texas is Growing Because of Two Types of Migration

New U.S. Census Bureau numbers show some Texas counties and metropolitan areas are growing because of both domestic and international migration.

By Laura RiceMarch 22, 2018 12:25 pm

New numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau show Texas is still growing.

The latest report shows the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area saw the biggest population growth over the last year – an increase of about 146,000 people.

Texas state demographer Lloyd Potter says this is a trend Texas has seen for a while, and it’s due in part to two types of migration: domestic and international.

Potter says suburban counties are growing almost exclusively from domestic migration. That’s when people move to the suburbs around big cities from other parts of Texas or the U.S. But, he says, the state’s urban cores are seeing a lot of growth from international migration.

“In particular if you look at Houston and Dallas counties, those counties are really growing from international migration,” Potter says. “A lot of that is from Mexico and from Central and South America but a dramatic shift we’ve seen recently has been from Asian countries, in particular, China and India.”

Potter says migration from the U.S. southern border has decreased since America’s Great Recession and says growth in migration from Asian countries in Texas has been dominantly from people with H1B visas who then go on to sponsor family members – in what is known as either “chain migration” or “family reunification.”

Texas Keeps Getting Bigger[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]