New livestream showcases ‘the breadth and depth of Texas music’ 24/7

The Texas Music Experience, a service of KUTX 98.9 in Austin, launched in May and touches on nearly every genre imaginable.

By Texas StandardJune 28, 2022 11:41 am, ,

What is Texas music?

There’s probably no other state with a claim to such a rich diversity of musical star styles and nascent talent as the Lone Star State. But Texas music isn’t what cowboy stereotypes have made it out to be in the past – and for proof, one only need to hear a few minutes of a first-of-its-kind livestream dedicated to music that’s made here and played here, touching on nearly every genre imaginable, yet firmly rooted in Texas terra firma.

The Texas Music Experience, a service of KUTX 98.9 Austin, launched in May and offers music 24/7 at

“This is the breadth and depth of Texas music,” said Matt Reilly, program director for KUTX. “It’s amazing the diversity you’ll hear, but also the names, you know, that you might not have realized are from Texas.”

Some of those artists include Beyoncé, Arcade Fire, the Butler Brothers, Steve Miller and Kelly Clarkson, among many others.

“Let’s say you’re a family of four and you encounter this stream at a restaurant,” Reilly said. “In that four-song set, ideally, you’re going to hear something that appeals to each member of the family.”

As for what defines Texas music, being born here or residing in the state – with a few years under your belt – fits the bill, Reilly said, which is what fosters such a diverse lineup.

“The size of the state encompasses so much. You have so many different regions and populations in one state,” he said. “You’ve got all of this cross-pollination …  all of these different cultures coming together and just the wide-open nature of the state and the sort of attitude of sharing music and art.”

The Texas Music Experience, streaming online now, will soon be available on smart speakers and streaming services worldwide. For more, check out the full interview with Reilly in the audio player above.

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