Texas Standard for April 25, 2017

Feeling the sting. Texas officials worry about the return of a major health threat, and why those most at risk aren’t paying attention.The story today on the Texas Standard. And: If you build it they will … sue? NPR’s John Burnett tells us how a 40-year-old treaty could be a brick wall for the wall. Also: People used to worry about high school dropout rates – these days it’s more and more middle schoolers. What’s being done to reverse a troubling trend in Texas. Plus: Want a cut in your property taxes? The Dallas Morning News watchdog says don’t wait for politicians, join the protest. We’ll hear about his plan and the pushback. More: Think of it as Formula One with a distinctly Texan accent: later this hour we’re off to the lawnmower races. Ladies and gentlemen start your engines, the Texas Standard is on the air.

By Texas StandardApril 25, 2017 11:39 am