Texas Standard For December 25, 2018

We’ve made our list – with lots of help from you, we’ve checked it twice, and what you’re about to hear are some of the stories you told us were especially nice in 2018. From what makes a longhorn a real longhorn, to Hollywood with a distinctly Texan accent, and friendships that make the season bright. We’ve got miles and miles of the best of the Standard just ahead.

By Texas StandardDecember 25, 2018 11:00 am

A Reporter Searches For Home And Identity Along The U.S.-Mexico Border

In his new book, border correspondent Alfredo Corchado looks at the recent history of Mexican-American immigration with a personal twist.

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From Seeds In Their Pocket To Food On Your Table, Refugees Bring Tastes Of Home To Texas

“Most people, as they move from one country to another, have often brought little samples of seeds, maybe hidden away in pockets here and there that are special to them.”

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A $380,000 Longhorn? A Look At The Never-ending Race For The Biggest Horns In Texas

“They really don’t need these cows. They want them. They fall in love with these animals.”

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Police Chief Is A Big Reason Why Filmmakers Are Drawn To Corsicana

Police Chief Robert Johnson is also an actor and producer for the film “Warning Shot,” which was filmed in Corsicana and premieres Friday.

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How A Possum Became One Man’s Holiday Tradition

Frank Feuerbacher woke to find something unexpected in his Christmas tree.

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The ‘Sixth Rolling Stone’ Was A West Texan Named Bobby Keys

A new documentary celebrates the life of a sax player, whose iconic horn appears on hits by everyone from Sheryl Crow to the Stones.

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What Are Nurdles? On Texas Beaches, They’re A Menace.

Large amounts of plastic pellets are washing up on Gulf Coast beaches, where wildlife may be harmed.

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