Texas Standard For December 26, 2018

Some observers say the Lone Star State is experiencing a moment. We’re turning it into an hour – as we go deep in the art of Texas on a special edition of the Texas Standard. From a major face lift at Houston’s Museum Of Fine Arts, to a renaissance of Texas music, spreading far and wide beyond the stereotypical frontiers. We hear from a famous film director returning to his roots and a photographer giving us a new perspective of our home state from a mile in the sky. We’ll meet kids in the Valley, turning their lives into verse.

By Texas StandardDecember 26, 2018 9:30 am

Darden Smith on The Habit of Noticing

Many know Darden Smith from his years as a recording artist. He  record 15 critically-acclaimed albums, But, in his new book, Smith takes an unflinching look at the creative process and how one can go about using creativity to make not just a living, but a life.

Art Of Healing For Community Of Sutherland Springs

Works of art sent to First Baptist Church in remembrance of the 26 people who died in the November 2017 shootings now adorn the walls of the building in Sutherland Springs.

In ‘They Call Me Güero,’ Poetry Brings Light To The Life Of A Valley Kid

Author David Bowles says poetry helps 12-year-old Güero grapple with the joys and challenges of living along the Texas-Mexico border in 2018.

Richard Linklater on Movies, Austin and ‘Doing Exactly What You Want to Be Doing’

“As a musician, a writer, a filmmaker, your best friend is low overhead. So you can actually spend your time – I’m all about time – spending as much time in this world doing exactly what you want to be doing.”

Why A Photographer Wants Us To Look At Texas From ‘A Mile Above’

“When you’re in a small plane and you’re only spending your time at about five or 6,000 feet, things are really pretty interesting.”

UT Professor’s New Beyoncé-Inspired Book Is A ‘Love Song’ To Black Southern Women

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley uses Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” album as a jumping-off point for an exploration of feminism and her own family’s roots, along the Gulf Coast.