Texas Standard For December 31, 2018

What would you select as the top stories of 2018? We’re exploring from several different angles – an election that shattered records, a shift in political power, a new NAFTA – or not – unrest on the border and the passing of a president. We have ll that, and a whole lot more as our year-in-review gets underway, today on the Standard.

By Texas StandardDecember 31, 2018 11:00 am

Immigration Infused Most Of 2018’s Top News Stories

Host David Brown discusses border policy, the census and the midterms with Rebecca Deen, professor and chair of the political science department at University of Texas at Arlington, and Carlos Sanchez, politics and news editor for Texas Monthly.

Listen to the full interview in the audio player above.

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San Antonio Engineers ‘Officially Amazing’ After Building World’s Smallest Medical Robot

The UTSA researchers have earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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It’s Now Up To Congress Whether Trump’s New North American Trade Agreement Becomes Law

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement must be ratified by the legislatures of all three countries, and the U.S. Congress could postpone a vote indefinitely if certain changes aren’t made.

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Texas Hospitals Are Adopting New Routines To Curb Maternal Deaths

The plan’s first focus will be on hemorrhage, hypertension and opioid abuse.

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Telemedicine Project Connects Rural, At-Risk Teens With Mental Health Care

“Since the Parkland incident, we have a number of people who would like to replicate the program.”

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George H.W. Bush, Who Helped Build The Republican Party In Texas, Dead At 94

“He came in at a time when the Republican Party was the minority party in the state.”


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Archaeologists Say Humans May Have Come To Texas Earlier Than Previously Thought

New evidence pushes back previous estimates of arrival by 3,000 years.

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