Texas Standard for February 28, 2022

It’s being called Ukraine’s Alamo; a moment that has underscored the country’s spirit of resistance and has inspired more sanctions against Russia and demonstrations across the west. And: The latest on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and why energy has been largely left off the table amid rising sanctions. Also: With Texas primary elections tomorrow, the once mostly-obscure county officials who now find themselves in the spotlight. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

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Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Monday, February 28, 2022.

Will boycotts have an impact on Russia’s aggression?

Over the weekend, Gov. Greg Abbott called for retailers, including liquor stores, to voluntarily take Russian products off their shelves. More impactfully, oil giant BP says they’re exiting their 20% stake in Russian oil company Rosneft. Could boycotts like have an impact – or are they strictly symbolic? David Lektzian, trade expert and associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University, joins with more.

After three decades, voters in Texas’ 30th Congressional District will elect a new representative

The North Texas district has long been represented by Congresswomen Eddie Bernice Johnson. Now, a crowded roster of candidates from both sides of the aisle are vying to fill her seat. KERA’s Solomon Wilson has this look at the race.

After COVID cancellations, Houston rodeo rides back into town

Houston’s Livestock Show and Rodeo is back starting today for a three week run. As Houston Public Media’s Jack Williams reports, one of the city’s largest annual events returns after two years of pandemic-induced cancellations.

A stunning announcement bolsters Texas African American Museum in Tyler

The Texas African American Museum in Tyler recently held a fundraising gala for its new space: a fire building once owned by the city of Tyler. As part of the event, organizers invited a special guest speaker: Khalila Camacho-Ali, the widow of boxing great Muhammad Ali. And that’s where an incredible surprise occurred. Gloria Washington, volunteer executive director of the Texas African American Museum, shares the story with us.

Matt Smith on Energy

Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues to have wide-reaching effects on the energy market. Matt Smith lead oil analyst for the Americas with KPLER, joins with an overview.

Presidents’ Day through an immigrant’s eyes

A remarkable email arrived in the Texas Standard inbox recently from Parasto Hakimi, an ESL student in Round Rock ISD. Hakimi shared with us a letter she wrote to President Biden and former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani after learning for the first time of the Presidents’ Day holiday.

Thousands of Texas high school coaches leave the profession each year. A statewide program is looking to change that

Even though high school sports culture is a big deal in Texas, the state has a hard time keeping coaches on the job. But some coaches say advanced training could help people stay long-term. Houston Public Media’s Shavonne Herndon introduces us to two Houston I.S.D. coaches trying something new to improve their odds of staying in the game.

How the pandemic proved the importance of the Texas county judge

County judges are among the several races on the primary ballot tomorrow. The winners of those primaries head to the general election in November, and whoever wins will inherit a strange, post-COVID world. In Texas, the job is much more high profile than it was before the pandemic. KERA’s Miranda Suarez reports on how once-obscure county leaders suddenly found themselves managing their slice of a global pandemic – and all the political repercussions that followed.

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the talk of Texas.

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