Texas Standard for November 25, 2021

Amid an ongoing pandemic, partisan divides and more, what’s there to be thankful for? Quite a lot, actually. In the run-up to this national holiday we asked our producers to reflect on some of the stories we’ve shared with you that they’re thankful for. From a telehealth program tackling opioid addiction to wildlife along the coastal plains, a Texas musical treasure, and life after prison and the redemptive power of family love, there’s much to be thankful for this year, and we’re grateful you can join us for this special edition of the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardNovember 25, 2021 10:00 am,

Telehealth program tackling opioid addiction

After years of reductions in opioid overdose deaths, numbers are back up again. Particularly hard hit are poor and rural areas that have seen hospital closures and dwindling healthcare access. But an initiative from Texas A&M University aims to better equip doctors and mental health providers to deal with opioid use in their communities. The Standard’s Alexandra Hart has the story.

Sisters in Fire

Keeping wildfires at bay is an important and demanding job. But it’s a field mostly made up of men. The Texas Standard’s Jill Ament joined a group of teenage girls at a weekend program aimed at changing that.

Attwater’s prairie chickens and whooping cranes

Texas Standard reporter Michael Marks takes us to the coastal plains of Southeast Texas to celebrate a milestone in the recovery of some endangered birds.

Brother and sister on life after prison

Jennifer and Marshall Byers share their story about life after prison and the redemptive power of family love.

‘Truly Texas Mexican’ documentary

Mexican food from Texas is a staple of the state’s cuisine — but it’s not “Tex-Mex”. In fact, a documentary looks to trace back the food and the community through the people fighting to keep traditions of their ancestors. It’s called “Truly Texas Mexican” and it’s based on the book by chef Adán Medrano. He spoke with Texas Standard host David Brown.

Transgender bills in Texas Legislature

As we looked back upon a year of journalism, one thing we were decidedly thankful for was the opportunity to share listener stories. A Central Texas mom contacted us as the Texas legislature considered a bill that defined gender-affirming treatments for transgender kids as child abuse. The bill did not pass. But another – defining which public school sports teams transgender youth can play on – did pass. Back in May, we spoke to Miriam and her teenage daughter “D” about their experiences.

Nanci Griffith remembrance

The death of singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith is not something we welcomed back in August. But we were grateful to remember her music. As the Standard’s Shelly Brisbin reports, Griffith combined a delicate, winsome stage presence with a fierce dedication to songwriting..

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