Texas Standard For September 23, 2021

It’s been a long haul for Texans struggling with the pandemic, but for some it may be an even longer haul. We’ll look at what Texas doctors are doing to help. And: Climate change: now called the number one cause of weather-related death in the country. But not all communities are feeling the heat the same. We’ll hear about what are called urban heat islands. Also: How China has helped make Texas prime real estate for bitcoin miners. Plus: The story behind the country’s first bilingual kids’ TV show, launched some five decades ago in Texas. And a conversation with the man called the Charles Kuralt of the Lone Star State and much more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardSeptember 23, 2021 9:34 am

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Thursday, September 23, 2021.

UT Project for COVID Long Haulers

For some COVID patients, symptoms don’t seem to go away. Now, some Texas doctors have set up a program specifically to help COVID long haulers. Dr. Michael Brode is the medical director of the Post-COVID-19 program at UT Health Austin, part of the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. We’ll hear from Dr. Brode today.

American Airlines/JetBlue Antitrust Case

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is already one of the biggest carriers in the world. But the company’s leaders had designs on getting even bigger. American announced last year that it planned to cooperate with JetBlue in the northeast. It wasn’t a merger – just an agreement to coordinate schedules and offer more options to travelers in places like Boston and New York. Now the Department of Justice, the District of Columbia, and six states have filed a lawsuit to block the agreement between American and JetBlue, saying that it violated federal antitrust laws. Joining us with more is Jon Hemmerdinger with aviation site FlightGlobal.

Urban Heat Islands

Despite a certain autumn chill in the air in some parts of Texas right now, the forecast calls for hotter days – and more of them as climate change alters our everyday lives. Indeed, extreme heat is now a public health issue. But heat waves don’t hit communities equally. David Martin Davies of Texas Public Radio has been looking into urban heat islands, and brings us this report.

The Texas Crypto Business

Texas is synonymous with industries like oil and gas, or cattle ranching. But if a new breed of entrepreneurs and their boosters have their way, the Lone Star State could soon be known as a hub for bitcoin mining, too. Our tech expert Omar Gallaga has been reporting on the crypto business for Texas Monthly and joins us with more.

Hispanic Heritage Month, part #2, Aida Barrera

Before Dora the Explorer, there was “Carrascolendas.” It was the country’s first bilingual children’s television program, and it was started here in Texas. Aida Barrera created the show. She was a pioneer credited with instilling cultural pride in Latino children all across the country. As part of our Hispanic Heritage Month partnership with the Voces Oral History Project, Marianne Navarro has the story.

50th Anniversary Texas Country Reporter

He’s been likened to a Texas version of CBS “on the road” correspondent, Charles Kuralt. But Dallas native Bob Phillips is still at it – traveling the highways and byways of Texas, writing a new book and  celebrating two major milestones. The man better known as the “Texas Country Reporter” recently turned 70, and is celebrating his 50th year on the job. Bob Phillips joins us today for an extended interview.

Mark Cuban’s Pharma Company

It’s one of the biggest frustrations in health care: the lack of transparency when it comes to prices. Now a new company with backing from billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban plans to dunk on the drug industry – or so goes the headline to an article in Texas Monthly, where Shawn Shinneman is a contributing writer. We’ll learn more from him today.

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