Texas Tech Student In Custody After Fatal Shooting Of Campus Police Officer

School officials haven’t yet released information about how the firearm was obtained.

By Jill AmentOctober 10, 2017 12:45 pm,

A student at Texas Tech University is in custody after he allegedly shot and killed a campus police officer Monday night while inside the police station. The suspect fled on foot. For about an hour the entire Lubbock campus was on lockdown until the suspect was apprehended.

Chris Cook, spokesperson for Texas Tech University, says the school does not have information about how the student obtained the firearm.

“We follow the laws of the state and the campus carry law, but our students must register the firearm with the university and also be 21,” Cook says. Texas Tech officials say the suspect, Hollis Daniels, is 19.

Cook says the suspect’s mother called the school earlier that day to report her son’s suicidal thoughts. Texas Tech police officers brought the student to the police station for a student welfare check, which Cook says is standard procedure after a call from a parent.

“During that debriefing, the suspect pulled a gun and fatally wounded one of the officers and fled on foot,” Cook says.

Texas Tech is scheduled to hold a press conference at 3pm.


Written by Jen Rice.