The General Land Office Is Taking Over Houston’s Harvey Housing Funds

The state agency has been critical of the city of Houston’s slow progress with the rebuilding program.

By Alexandra Hart & Jill AmentOctober 8, 2020 2:31 pm, ,

Houston’s Hurricane Harvey housing recovery program is changing hands. The Texas General Land Office, or GLO, got approval this week from the feds to take over the relief program, which helps residents rebuild or repair homes that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. GLO officials, including Commissioner George P. Bush, have been critical of the city of Houston’s handling of the $1.3 billion program.

“What the General Land Office is saying is that the city simply hasn’t completed those repairs fast enough, and that they would be better suited to run the program themselves,” said Jasper Scherer, city hall reporter for the Houston Chronicle. “And from the city’s side, those delays are essentially the fault of the state who is required to sign off on all this repair work.”

What you’ll hear in this interview:

– What’s behind the GLO’s takeover

– How the GLO’s approach to rebuilding may differ from that of Houston

– What it means for Houston residents repairing homes under the program

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