The Texas Preacher Mourning Today’s Marriage Ruling

Former pastor and political activist Rick Scarborough – who said he’s willing to burn for his beliefs – discusses his grief over today’s ruling.

By Rhonda FanningJune 26, 2015 12:37 pm

Same-sex marriage is now legal across the country due to a landmark Supreme Court ruling. After the Court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution grants states the right to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, some evangelical Christians reacted to the decision with disappointment and indignation.

Evangelical Baptist pastor self-described Christian political activist Rick Scarborough spoke today with Texas Standard.

Scarborough, who says his initial reaction to the ruling was “profound grief,” claims the ruling has caused American life to enter into a new age.

“I believe the Supreme Court has countered the natural law,” he says. “Every time our court has opted to go against natural law there have been dire consequences, and I think there will be again.”

While many have been overjoyed with the ruling and find it to be a cause for celebration, Scarborough worries about how the decision will impact his rights.

“There’s no animus in my heart at all for homosexuals, I just believe that these who have promoted same sex marriage and who have been celebrating the lifestyle have done so in grievous error,” he says. “But on a different level, my grief is for the first amendment, because the Supreme Court has taken the 14th amendment and literally created law that makes the first amendment virtually useless and null and void.”

Previously, Scarborough has been public with his promotion of civil disobedience in regards to same-sex marriage and says the ruling will not change that.

“We just continue to do what we’ve always done,” he says. “We’ll continue to preach that it’s a sinful relationship, to refuse to conduct same sex weddings. We’re not gonna change.”