A Tiny Childhood Secret I Kept For Decades

For the first time ever, a man shares The Whole Truth from when he was five years-old.

By Filipa RodriguesFebruary 26, 2015 11:44 am

It’s a secret he kept to himself ever since he was five years-old.

He and his sisters would take out his mother’s music box to play with it. One day, as he was trying to put the box back in its place, he tumbled –and the box was left shattered on the floor of his mother’s bedroom.

“I remember looking at my mom’s music box and thinking ‘I’m in trouble.'”

But did he ever reveal the truth to his mother?

“I never told anyone that this happened. I was afraid and my mom never knew who did it. I don’t know why – but until today, this is a secret I have kept to myself.”

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This post was prepared with assistance by Megan Jo Olson