This Author Learned, ‘If You Don’t See Books That Represent You, Write Them’

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By Joy DiazAugust 20, 2020 1:23 pm, ,

Terri Williams is the author of the children’s book “Jamarcus’s Preschool Day.” Williams is a preschool teacher herself, and she wrote the book after sending her own son (whose middle name is Jamarcus) to preschool and experiencing all of the anxiety that can go along with that stage in a child’s life. Williams said she wishes she had read a book like hers during that challenging time. But she also realized there was an opportunity to fill that gap herself.

“I work with kids that are 4 years old and I prepare them for kindergarten. … I introduce them to writing their own story because they are authors.”

“I thought about my son, when he was younger. … I started writing about some of the things that we experienced. He was a little nervous; I was a little nervous because, you know, new teacher, new friends, new school.”

“As a parent, I wish I had this, you know, before my son started preschool. But I’ve heard the saying that, if you don’t see books that represent you, write them.”

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