This Kid Says Texas Traditions Are One-Of-A Kind

In April, the Standard hears a different take on our state’s history from the tiniest Texans. Listen:

By Emily DonahueMay 4, 2015 7:07 am

At 10 years old, Ideliza Romo says her Texas traditions are her favorite thing about the state.

“Since when we joined the United States, even though the president and the government overrule us, it’s good that Texas still keeps its traditions and its ways from the past,” she says.

From Longhorn cattle drives to pilgrims and Santa Anna, there’s plenty of stories that spur the state forward. The Frisco native knows that Texas is a place where we can keep our freedom.

“We’re not copying any other state, any country, continent — nothing,” she said.

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This was prepared with assistance by Jan Ross Piedad, Rachel Phua and Brenda Lau