This Texas-Raised Musician Shows His Country Roots In Solo Debut

Buck Meek talks about his new album and Texas roots.

By Casey CheekJune 20, 2018 1:16 pm,

Indie-folk fans may recognize Buck Meek as the guitarist for Big Thief, but with his self titled solo debut album, the musician presents his songwriting skills and Texas country roots.

While Meek was working at a restaurant in Wimberley, the bartender taught him how to play blues. He says he then played blues, manouche jazz and western in swing bars and dance halls. Living in Texas, Beek felt both the influence of musicians in Austin and the country feel in Wimberley.

“Being in such close proximity to Austin, of course, was a big influence,” he says. “My dad would often take me in to Austin to go to the Continental Club or Emos to go see punk bands when I was a teenager.”

Meek’s album is filled with songs about recurring characters. Though he admits some of them are influenced by strangers and close people in his life, Meek says he created most of the characters.

“The characters on the record are more archetypes than they are specific people,” he says.

Although the musician currently lives in New York, he thinks about moving back to the south.

“I miss Texas every day honestly,” he says.

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Written by Manu Schneider.